Štátny tajomník L. Parízek prijal námestníčku Ministerstva zahraničných vecí Palestínskeho štátu Dr. Amal Jadou

State Secretary Parízek receives Amal Jadou, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs

19.2.2018 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov |

State Secretary Lukáš Parízek received today (19 February) Amal Jadou, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Europe, who is on a working visit to Slovakia. During their talks they focused on the dynamic development of mutual relations, strengthening the economic dimension of the bilateral cooperation and current issues related to security and developments in the crisis areas in the Mideast region.


The Palestinian counterpart appreciated Slovakia´s attitude to solving the Palestinian question and its support for the Mideast Peace Process.  She also emphasized the helpfulness of the Slovak Republic in terms of further development of bilateral cooperation, especially in the economic area, education and development cooperation.  The mutual efforts by both sides have a strong basis in the form of the joint Slovak-Palestinian ministerial commission.


State Secretary Parízek underlined Slovakia´s interest in further developing bilateral relations and intensifying cooperation with Palestine, especially as far as direct contacts between entrepreneurs’ entities as well as in agriculture, tourism, culture and education. Parízek emphasized: “The Slovak Republic supports restarting the Mideast Peace Process that has the potential to contribute to de-escalating the tension in the region and supporting the two-state solution between Israel and Palestine". State Secretary Parízek also stated that the prospects of increasing the number of scholarships for Palestinian students in Slovakia had already been in practice in this school year 2017/2018.