I. Korčok: „Je potrebné viac a lepšie vysvetľovať srbským občanom benefity členstva v EÚ, jeho konkrétne hmatateľné výsledky“

Korčok: “It is necessary to explain better and more to Serbian citizens about the benefits of EU membership and its concrete tangible results"

6.3.2018 | Aktivity štátnych tajomníkov | Slovensko a Európska únia

The European Union has gone through a range of crises in recent years – from the financial crisis, through the economic one to terrorism as a new phenomenon, as well as coping with Brexit. “Despite this or perhaps exactly because of it, the enlargement agenda is an important instrument of the Union, and nowadays it has been “tabled” again today. The enlarged EU will be better and stronger because stability is in our joint interest. Serbia can really play an important role and Slovakia is lending a helping hand in Serbia’s European integration efforts. This was the message today (6 March) by Ivan Korčok, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, in a discussion with students of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade. “It is your choice whether Serbia becomes an EU member or not. For Slovakia, it was a success story. The EU is not perfect – there are discussions and conflicts going on inside as well. However, for small states it is better to exist in an environment respecting established principles, in an environment in which these states can protect their interests. Do have a critical point of view but bear this in mind,” stated Korčok in the discussion directly following up on the State Secretary´s talks with Jadranka Joksimović, Minister of European Integration of the Republic of Serbia. The Serbian counterpart told him that the support for the country´s membership in the EU is rising among the citizens, overreaching 50 percent; however, there is also a certain factor of "patience fatigue" among candidate countries.  "As for the European integration efforts of Serbia, I would like to say that the timing has never been better; I can clearly see positive dynamics; the enlargement agenda is alive again. The EU Strategy for the Western Balkans as it was introduced a month ago outlines a clear road, at the end of which is EU membership for partners of the region, while Montenegro and Serbia are said to be the leaders. This is a concrete and straightforward perspective – if, of course, Belgrade meets the conditions stated for accessing the Union. Serbia is on the right track; you are making progress and you know well about shortcomings on your side.  I mean especially chapters 23 and 24, as well as communication with the public. It is necessary to explain better and more to Serbian citizens about the benefits of EU membership and its concrete, tangible results," stated Korčok. 

With Minister Joksimović the Slovak State Secretary signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of European Integration of the Republic of Serbia to frame their interest in deepening the cooperation in Serbia’s European integration process. 

In the afternoon Korčok left Belgrade for Tirana, Albania, where he plans to hold meetings with Ditmir Bushati, Foreign Affairs Minister, and also to be received by top constitutional officials of the country.